Friday, 22 February 2013

Today in the Pace case: 22 February 1928

Wednesday, 22 February 1928: Rowland Ellis, Government Analyst for the City of Gloucester and the County of Gloucestershire—who had been given Harry’s organs and blood samples by Bristol pathology professor Isaac Walker Hall—sends his own report to the coroner.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Today in the Pace case: 15 February 1928

Wednesday, 15 February, 1928: Inspector Bent goes to Rose Cottage to confront Beatrice Pace about the rumours circulating locally that she was involved with her husband’s death. Beatrice willingly makes an official statement (written out by the police and signed by herself). This is the first of her three statements to police.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Upcoming events in Gloucester and the Forest of Dean

I am very pleased to be able to announce a few upcoming events related to The Most Remarkable Woman in England.

I will be giving a talk about my book at the Forest of Dean Local History Society (pdf) at 3pm on Saturday, 9 March, at the West Dean Centre in Bream, Gloucestershire.

It's very exciting to be able to give a presentation on the book so close to where so many of the main events occurred.

In the same vein, earlier that day (from about noon), I'll be signing copies of the book at the Waterstones in Gloucester (13-15 Eastgate Street), which is just down the street from the Shire Hall, where the Pace murder trial took place.

So, any of you who will be in the area and are interested in the book, please do feel free to come by to either event (or, of course, both if you just can't get enough of me).

I'll be posting reminders as we get closer to the date.

Today in the Pace case: 14 February 1928

Tuesday, 14 February 1928: The nine jurymen of the coroner's inquest jury receive notice that the resumption of the inquest will be delayed until 15 March due to a delay in receiving the report on the forensic analysis.