Thursday, 9 February 2012

(Not so) secret admirer

Beatrice's appearance was very much a feature of her celebrity.

A particularly (though not singularly) flowery example:

‘It would need the pen of a Zola to do justice to the amazing story which lies behind the life of this still young and attractive woman. She is only 36* years of age, and although she has borne no fewer than ten children—five of them still living—and in her far from happy married life has suffered the most terrible experiences it is possible to imagine, she still retains the fresh, rosy cheeks and smiling eyes which were one of her greatest charms.’ 

Bernard O’Donnell, ‘Secrets of  Mrs. Pace’s Life and Marriage’, World’s Pictorial News 15 July 1928, p. 1.
(*Beatrice was in fact 38, but in the press stories of the time she was consistently described as being two years younger.)

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