Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Today in the Pace case: 22 May

Tuesday, 22 May 1928: 12th sitting of the coroner’s inquest, in Coleford.

Rowland Ellis is recalled and gives brief testimony about a ‘dolly tub’ at the Pace home—one which Harry and Beatrice used to ‘dip’ lambs—that contained water with arsenic in it.

Afterwards, the coroner, Maurice Carter, summarises the evidence and then sends off the jury to make their decision. Determining that their first verdict is unsatisfactory—for complicated reasons discussed in the book—Carter sends them off again to reconsider things. (This aspect of the verdict will be the subject of much discussion in press and Parliament.)

They return, declaring that they have reached their verdict: that Harry Pace had died from named Beatrice Pace.

Beatrice is brought before magistrates and charged with murder. That evening, she is taken to Cardiff prison. There, she will await the next legal stage in the case: the committal proceedings in the magistrates’ court.

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