Monday, 14 January 2013

Mrs Pace: on the front page again

As I've noted here before (actually, almost exactly a year ago), one of the very rewarding parts of my research on the book was meeting some of Beatrice Pace's descendants.

Aside from providing some very good photos (including the fabulous portrait now used for the book's cover), they were very helpful in letting me fill in one question that came increasingly to plague me while in a later stage of writing up my research: what happened to Beatrice after her name disappeared from the headlines and she returned to the obscurity from which she had emerged in the first place?

It was also very encouraging to see their enthusiasm for the book, and, for me, it was a striking experience to hear the woman that I had been researching via all kinds of press coverage and official records referred to as 'Gran'. This was something that brought home to me the fact that history is about real people and not just archives. 

Hence, it is particularly nice to see that the text for the feature article by Sue Bradley that was published in the latest 'Weekend' magazine in the Gloucester Citizen and Cheltenham Echo has now appeared online.

An announcement for the story was actually on the front-page, with a quite interesting teaser:

Hence: 85 years after the case, Beatrice Pace once again made it to the front page.

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