Friday, 31 August 2012

The Most Remarkable Woman: Now Available (in the UK)

The day is finally here!

Today marks the official UK release of The Most Remarkable Woman in England: Poison, Celebrity and the Trials of Beatrice Pace. (The book will be available in the US/Canada from 2 October. I'll keep things updated here with any further information.)

Details and ordering information for the reasonably priced paperback edition are available direct from Manchester University Press.

The book is also available--at various discounts--from online retailers such as, Blackwells and Waterstones, as well, of course, via ordering through your local bookshop.

Any messages of the '(almost) out of stock' variety should be taken with a grain of salt: the books have been printed and should either be in or on their way to the relevant warehouses. At most, a little patience might be required at the start.

I will continue to keep making updates here at the blog in the coming months, and please, if you have questions or comments please let me know at the address listed to the right.

You may also wish to 'like' The Most Remarkable Woman in England at its Facebook page: if so, please encourage your friends to do the same!

And if you do enjoy the book (which I hope very much), please say so via online reviews, comments in social media (Goodreads, etc.), blogs you may contribute to, and, of course, in that trusty old means of communication: conversation. As a book from a university press, word-of-mouth advertising (amplified electronically) is going to make all the difference.

Finally, if anybody does run across commentary on the book, I'd be happy if you let me know.

Now: get reading!

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