Monday, 24 September 2012

Scenes from a remarkable book launch

A little over two weeks ago, the third British Crime Historians Symposium was held at The Open University in (ever-scenic) Milton Keynes.

I was very pleased that the conference organisers had put together a triple book-launch event, co-sponsored by Manchester University Press, for The Most Remarkable Woman in England, Rosalind Crone's Violent Victorians and Janet Clark's The National Council for Civil Liberties and the Policing of Interwar Politics.

A few photos from the evening:

Here, first, a stack of most remarkable women... to some violent Victorians and ardent civil-liberties activists.

I'm pleased to say that all three stacks became significantly smaller in the course of the evening...

...through sales such as this one.

All three of us were very honoured that Clive Emsley, emeritus Open University professor and, as noted at the conference, doyen of police history, agreed to introduce our books in his inimitable style.

During Clive's talk, my crime-historian colleagues listened attentively while gathered strategically near the wine table....

...where Clive and I, of course, then joined them.

It was through a happy coincidence that three OU-connected books on criminal justice history were released by the same publisher in time to be introduced at  the conference.

Many thanks to Manchester University Press for contributing to the event and my former Open University colleagues for the great organisational work in putting the event together!

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