Friday, 8 March 2013

Radio interview, BBC Gloucestershire

For those of you who were unable to listen live to my interview today with Anna King on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, it's available on the station's website at this link for the next week or so.

My interview starts at the 1 hour, 13 minute mark, with the inspired lead-in song of 'I would do anything for love (But I won't do that)' from Meatloaf.

Before that, it was 'Why do fools fall in love?'

Which also fit somehow.

Just in case you want some visuals to accompany your listening pleasure, here's me outside the studio looking quite relieved after the interview.

Many thanks to Anna King for the invitation and for a very enjoyable interview.

Looking forward to tomorrow's events as well!

[UPDATE]: for my book signing in Gloucester and lecture in the Forest of Dean, see here.

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